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Pre-wia primary education research

Between the 10th and 13th month of disability the employer can arrange for an Employment specialist examination to take place. This examination provides a clear picture of one's employment opportunities and sustainable employability. In this matter the return to work can be advanced and the financial damage can be limited.

Target group

The Pre Advice is intended for employees of primary education that have been sick for more than 10 and less than 13 months, who according to the company medic still have residual earning capacity (for employment in any work), and for whom soon, durable and full recovery is not yet certain. The goal is to identify (possible) WGA-inflow in an early stage and to prevent. WGA stands for the Return to Work Partially Disabled Scheme. The WGA is part of the Work and Income Act ( WIA ). This law applies to employees who, after two years of illness are more than 35% disabled.

In the Pre Advice the followed reintegration plan is specifically tested whether it's realistic and appropriate. Where necessary, clear recommendations are made for the follow-up. In addition to this, the employer and employee receive information on possible financial consequences after two years of illness.


Each situation is different and that is why we always start with a conversation with the location leader, school principal and / or immediate supervisor to get an image of the history and function capabilities of your employee in your school organization. In addition to this, the employment specialist has a conversation with your employee to point out the problems and screen the solutions. The working environment, nature and extent of the work of the employee is assessed and professional consultation takes place with the company medic.

Employment specialist research

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A clear and coherent employment specialist researched Pre Advice containing advice on the employment and reintegration capabilities, using a measurement of the load capacity of the employee and the practical consequences of his or her employment within or outside the school organization.

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