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Independent employment specialist expertise

When there is a dispute or discussion/conflict about disability an independent employment expertise, sometimes combined with an independent medical (insurance) examination and/or psychological examination, may help.

In the expertise that we carry out, the findings from the present studies are tested so that after a complete inventory and own research, an advice can be given with regard to the question posed.

Target group

Employees, employers and disability insurance policyholders.


At the start of the contract, the documents received are studied and a conversation takes place with the person, generally the lawyer, legal aid or assurance intermediary, who consider themselves wronged behalf, and the injured often the insured or employee himself.

The report is based on the history that is known to the parties and the most recent assessment of the degree of disability of the insured or employee. Following the interview with the insured or employee, the data is collected concerning the insured profession and the most characteristic work load in the executed tasks and eventually the work environment. Then, the degree of disability and if necessary, the possibilities for task allocation and provisioning are described.

The report answers the question whether the present assessment is plausible and based on correct facts and considerations. Where necessary, a new and reasoned conclusion is formulated based on the research expertise.

Before the report, the insured or employee receives a concept in the context of access and correction rights. The report will be made available to the customer and insured or employee.

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