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Objection and appeal WIA

Did you, as an employee or employer, receive a decision from the UWV and do you disagree with it? Then you can object to this decision.

In all situations in which it concerns an assessment of a WIA benefit or Sickness Benefits Act, the UWV labor expert and the UWV insurance physician are also involved in the assessment of the degree of incapacity for work.

If, in the event of such a judgment, the outcome does not match the employee's or employer's own vision, objection can be meaningful. In an objection or possibly follow-up appeal it regularly appears that this leads to a different judgment.

An objection must be well substantiated. Based on our experience and expertise in the field of social insurance legislation, we can support you, both employee and employer.

We always work together with experienced lawyers. We take care of the medical and labor expert arguments in such cases.

Target audience

Employees and employers


After receipt of the assignment, the received documents are studied and a meeting takes place with the person (s) involved.

In the situation that it concerns an objection from an employee, a combined medical-occupational expert examination takes place in almost all situations.

If the employer objects, a company visit is planned and further investigation is carried out at the employer.

Subsequently, an extensive report with a reasoned conclusion is provided. Medical data are presented in a separate report and only made available to the employee or his authorized representative.

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