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Employment counseling

Based on the experience in guiding people who due to work disability cannot participate in the employment process, it has been shown that in many cases also factors play a role that are not directly considered a sickness. In practice it has become clear that if these issues are not addressed, there is a good chance of renewed work fallout.

Employment Counseling, the name already saying it all, is directly related to employment. It is a concept that for example in the United States and the United Kingdom has already been fully established and accepted in the "not" therapeutic counseling of people. Employment Counseling is a way to cope or reduce the confusion around choices or change.

Target group

Employment Counseling takes place when the client needs it. This can be in the context of preventive absenteeism, reintegration (outside the organization) or disability insurance.


The offering of Employment Counseling must be accepted by the client not imposed. In general, in a situation where a client goes through difficulties or a situation of distress in which he or she sees no opportunities to break through or control, due to for example reduced opportunities because of disability caused by illness or injury, changes in the workplace and possible dissatisfaction about their own capabilities altered by the created situation.

Employee Counseling requires a maximum of 10 to 12 sessions and it focuses on the actual functioning of the client. It aims to engage a conversation with the client in a way that the complex (work) experience of people is approached from different angles, taking into account the changed situation.


Employment Counseling aims to help clients to function in a good way in their own or other environment.


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