Independent, custom services.



Advies bij Arbeid B.V. has developed a vision in its development and services in which the experience of the customer, employee, employer, insurer, casualty and other professionals in the field of men, labor and environment are all central.

Every person and organization is unique, has a different background, a different degree of self-assurance, different expectations etc.

We are not satisfied with a standard question so why should we give a standard answer? Our independent services are linked to that, in other words our services are "custom ". Involvement by all parties and a joint interest approached from an independent position are thereby guaranteed.

Why choose Advies bij Arbeid B.V.?

  • Independent specialist concerning Men, Labor and Environment;
  • Clear advice;
  • Possibilities of people and organizations are key values;
  • Available all over the country;
  • Attention to the employee and the employer;
  • Objective guidance and assessment in cases concerning personal injury;
  • Expertise from a multi- causal analysis in disability issues, including among other things employees and individuals;
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations in the field of social law, labor law and working conditions.