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For an effective counseling with a proper and smooth continuation approach, the expertise of an Employment specialist, also known as Occupational Assessor, is required. An Employment specialist research provides a clear picture of a person's Employment and sustainable employability. In this matter the return to work can be advanced and the financial damage can be limited.

Target group

Employees who due to sustainable limits (disability) cannot perform their function. In many situations at an early stage, after several months, it is clear that there are sustainable limits in one's own work. We advise you to already make use of an Employment specialist research at that time. As a result opportunities and changed capabilities of your employee can be optimally used and there remains more time for reintegration into suitable work.


Each situation is different and that is why we always start with a conversation with the manager, case manager and/or HR consultant to get an image of the history and function capabilities of your employee within your organization. In addition to this the Employment specialist has a conversation with your employee to state the problems and screen the solutions. The work environment of the employee is assessed and professional consultation with the company medic takes place.

To perform an optimal employment specialist research for the employee and employer, we use the so-called ICF method. ICF stands for: International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. For our daily employment specialist practice, it is essential that we make it clear by what we describe as a "broad" problem how absenteeism problem is put together, who plays a part, what interests are at stake, what is the space within which solutions can be found.

Characteristic of the ICF is that the Employment specialist focuses in the analysis focuses on the exploration and discussion of five research fields, namely:

  • complaints/disorder, limitations and prognosis that are here from derived; these are basically provided by the company medic;
  • the functioning of the employee on multiple levels;
  • personal factors, including coping, training and employment history records;
  • factors in the work and home environment.

These factors often give insight in the background of absenteeism and give understanding in what improves or hinders the recovery. It also becomes clear how the employee handles with his or her own restrictions.

This way, the Employment specialist not only gathers information for analysis, but he also goes a step further. The Employment specialist tries through this way of approaching to create a movement towards recovery behavior and reintegration by pointing out to the employee what his or her 'healthy side' and personal responsibility are. By taking account with what the employee states and by zooming in on it, the Employment specialist will not only acquire more and better information, but the employee will feel better "heard" in general. This method leads in practice to a clear and practical advice for both employer and employee.

Employment specialist research

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An Employment specialist advice including a clear description of the task load versus load in the own work of the employee, a review of labor (im)possibilities within the organization and a proposed plan for the (further) reintegration.

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