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Sustainable deployment of staff is essential for your employees and your organization. A pleasant, safe workplace is a part of it. A healthy workplace reduces disability risks and improves the work productivity. With a workplace survey you can prevent, reduce or remedy symptoms. Based on an integral workplace research you can receive specific advice for optimizing the work situation.

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Through a focused research in your employee's workplace, supplemented if needed with the relevant professional organization or questionnaire, we examine his or her workplace, the work methods and organization. Based on this research we then give an advice with an individual report.


  • Ergonomic workplace research of the physical load
  • Ergonomics of workstation design, also at department level
  • Research on the organization of work and tasks versus the actual load for employees

In the research we constantly take into account the applicable legal standards and (achievable) technical possibilities, with the help of a broad experience in similar organizations.


  • Early prevention and treatment of complaints
  • Cost savings by reducing absenteeism
  • Handles to improve the general working environment
  • As employer you fulfill your duties concerning Integral Health Policy and sustainable employability of your employees.

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