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Sustainable employability

Being healthy at work and at home is a great thing, it's something that has impact in all its forms and its potential on the sustainability of an employee. The more reason to aim for the terms and conditions that can contribute to an employee's health. Integral Health Policy focused on the sustainability of employees is undeniably linked to this. Everyone's aim should be focused on it.

What should be understood by the term health? The World Health Organization (WHO) has already described it in its vision: "Health for all by the year 2000".

Therefore the following is what should be understood by the term health: "a personal state of well-being that enables a person to lead a socially and economically productive life".

Sustainable employability, health and absenteeism find their relationship in the workplace. Working conditions and absenteeism are therefore an important part of the overall human resource policy of an organization.

The following factors are crucial for the development and implementation of policies in the above mentioned area (TNO Labour, 2002):

  • Organizational and cultural aspects;
  • Occupational Risks;
  • Management Information;
  • Communication.

Advies bij Arbeid B.V. has a broad experience in advising companies and organizations in the (further) development of this policy. The sustainability policy should be based on conservation of energy and prevention of absenteeism. All of this with the goal of optimal employability of the people. Occupational Health are here key.

Critical success factor

A proper balance between quality of service and quality of work(conditions).

We advise you to continue giving shape to or/and support this policy.

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