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Replacement is intended for people who can no longer be effective in their current job or function.

The reasons may be diverse. It can be because of the consequences of disability due to illness or accident caused, but also because of a reorganization or a (potential conflict and as a result looking for another job. Often in such circumstances there is a difference between the variety of causes that make it necessary to look for another job, to go perform another job.

Our vision, however, is to say goodbye to a comfortable situation and the development of another or a new future perspective in work or social functioning .

Personal support, practical advice and attention to the person and to his or her "modified" possibilities and conditions are crucial.

Depending on the nature of the contract in replacement, appropriate instruments are used and guidance is offered. In the situations where there is a diminished mental and/or physical condition, an employment survey will occur of the possibilities of the individual.

If we identify that additional research is needed, for example in the form of a(n) (employment) psychological examination or physical load research, we will explain this to the client, and if needed, we will give advice in the application and implementation.

The vision and method of Advies bij Arbeid B.V. makes it possible, by thinking out of the box, to give the support and guidance the optimal shape, and to use, where necessary, interventions in various (para -) medical disciplines.

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