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"Namimori, it sounds as if I 'm relatively again. there is not any turning again now. P repare to satisfy the hot and better Haru M iura."

A younger brunette s tepped outs ide the airport and gets rid of her sunglas ses revealing her appealing face. A ll the men there s crowned and s tared at her. She used to be like a goddes s who fell down on earth.

Haru smiled. 'How could they reac t after they see me? good, let's jus t locate out.'

A sizzling crimson Ferrari s crowned in entrance of her.

"C ome on, Haru. Y ou don't desire to be overdue in your firs t day in Namimori U nivers ity." stated a boy with with blonde hair.

"U gh. Y ou do not need to lec ture me approximately that, Frau. i will not s tand being overdue for c las s . that is an enormous great NO NO in my dic tionary."

Haru went ins ide the automobile and placed her seatbelt on.

"So the place are the others ?" A sked Haru.

"They already went sooner than us ."

"O k."

The res t of the trip used to be s ilent until eventually Frau's mobilephone rang.

*cellphone ringing*

"A ns wer it, Haru. I 'm driving."

Haru acquired the telephone from Frau and ans wered it.

Kenji: FRA U U U U U U U U ! rattling you! Hurry up! Y ou're going to be late!

Haru: hi. Kenji, why'd you call?

Kenji: oh! Haru-sama. i did not expec t you to ans wer this name. Sorry for being rude.

Haru: *laughing* its ok Kenji. Frau is riding so I ans wered the decision. So why did you call?

Kenji: Haru-sama, I jus t are looking to inform Frau to rush up in order that the either one of you will not be late.

Haru: thanks Kenji. we are going to be there in a couple of minutes . See you.

Kenji: we are going to be ready Haru-sama.

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